Recycled Materials partners with like minded businesses throughout the Southeast to recycle their post-industrial and post-commercial plastic waste, preventing unnecessary plastic pollution and helping them meet their bottom lines.

After purchasing and transporting your waste, we shred, grind, and resize it into recycled plastic materials that can re-enter the supply chain and be used for countless purposes, eliminating thousands of pounds of preventable plastic waste every year.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Recycled Materials has been committed to the cause for over 25 years. Since our founding in 1993, we have maintained the highest possible standards when processing plastic materials into contaminate-free recycled goods.


Who Should
Partner with RMI?

Partnering with Recycled Materials means selling your company’spost-industrial or post-consumer plastic waste for profit, helping to meet your financial goals while lessening the environmental impact of your necessary job functions. Consider reaching out if:

  • You are a plant or manufacturing manager within 250 miles of metro Atlanta with excess post-industrial or post-commercial plastic waste.
  • You share a commitment to green business practices and want to consciously eliminate needless plastic pollution from your company’s output.